In Response to “Cash Cow Disease” | TightWind

In Response to “Cash Cow Disease” | TightWind.

That’s what good companies do. They recognize precisely what they need to do next and put their entire effort into doing it.”

This was what I was so frustrated about before. When there is a clear opportunity, you either go for it or you don’t. Half-heartedly throwing money at a problem is such a clear path for failure that it kills me to see so many established companies who decide this is how they do business. Cash cows create leaders who simply fund a project just enough to claim credit if it succeeds, but can turn around and say “I told you so” if it fails. It gets even more humorous when corporate politics create rifts between teams that further hinder success.

I’m trying to write some guidelines on how to tell if a company is fragmented beyond repair, but I’m thinking this one will remain number one.

  1. When headquarters bills your branch office thousands of dollars per person to receive training on products developed by headquarters that they want the branch office to sell in a new market.



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