Marco on Too Much Hardware Choice

Marco Arment writes in his blog about the cons of too much hardware choice in the Android universe. It seems exactly like the low end PC market, where there are a flood of undistinguishable computers all with similar specs to the point where most consumers simply choose by brand or even size and color (my wife is in this group).

I subscribe to several tech blogs which introduce all the latest computers and devices, but the past two years have been a constant monotone of blah blah Atom blah blah too-cramped-for-normal-use screen/keyboard blah blah Nvidia, blah blah 6 hour battery life. The latest Android device posts have now joined the list of posts I skip; blah blah 1.2Ghz processor, blah blah too-big-for-my-jeans screen size, blah blah last year’s Android version, blah blah way-too-many-pixels-on-a-tiny-sensor camera.

One of Android’s major selling points, diversity, has trained my eyes and ears to effectively mute out the constant drone of new devices.


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