The Luxury of Product Development Pacing

Compared to competitor products, each new iPhone and now the iPad seems to be in a league of its own. However, compared to its own products, how do they fare?

For example, the original iPad vs iPhone4. The iPad was announced well after the iPhone 3GS but before any iPhone4 rumors really reared their heads.
Compared to the 3GS, the iPad seems just right. Comparable pixel density, same amount of system memory, upgrade to the processor, a slight bump in storage options.
However comparing it to the iPhone4 feature wise which was released just 3 months later, it seems mediocre at best. ¬†Drastically lower pixel density, half the system memory of a phone 1/3 it’s size, same processor, same storage options, no cameras for video conferencing.

It almost seems as though they made the iPad “good enough” to be a blockbuster, yet not enough to steal the iPhone4’s thunder.

Now we’re hearing the iPad 2 will be released, thinner, lighter, faster, but same screen resolution. The rumors of a higher screen resolution is reserved for the 3rd gen iPad?

I’d like to put more thought into this but its late so I’ll just end this post with a few blurbs.

  • The “nerfed” features of the iPad compared to the iPhone4; a deliberate decision to not release crap (in this case, not yet ready technology) or a strategic ploy to milk the cow longer since there is no competition?
  • Would Apple have released the same iPad if the Galaxy Tab had come first?
  • Would the world have been impressed about the iPad if the iPhone4 (or even glimpses of the retina display) had come first?
  • Seriously, after gazing into the Retina Display, my iPhone 3GS and iPad screen looks like crap in comparison. Fuzzy and pixelated.
  • How much longer can Apple continue its streak of awe-inspiring announcements now twice a year? How much better can it get?



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