Unable to control your destiny…


Seems like Apple’s approach is being proven again and again.

Nobody thought the iPad would be a success, but according to Marco’s three criteria for developers, it hit all three. Google didn’t even prepare a response to the iPad because they thought it would fail. Then, when it proved a meteor hit, their hardware partners started jumping the gun, trying to modify Android to run on a tablet. Google knew that Android was not ready for a tablet experience, but could not do anything about the partners using Android for that purpose. They are forced to slap together a version of Android that is ready for tablet to minimize any damage and further fragmentation. Now they have a new poorly put together solution that none of the hardware partners or developers are ready for.

If they had control over the release of new hardware, they COULD have done what Apple did; a controlled, planned release schedule in lock step with their existing phone OS with a clear vision of moving to the tablet that was shared with the hardware partners and app developers. The iPad threat would go unheeded for a couple more quarters, but in the end, they would have had a better quality OS solution that was well integrated with all of their hardware partners and not just one or two exclusives, and the app developers would have been able to release their apps ahead of time in anticipation.

It seems that the whole Windows mentality has poisoned most of the industry. Since there is little in the way of differentiation, the only advantage is a quick market entry before it becomes saturated with “me too” products.  Quick and agile may have won when there was already a dominant platform, but when you are trying to build up a new platform, quickly turning kills momentum.

So far, Apple is proving that “Slow and steady wins the race”.


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