Next Step

I’ve been lazy in speaking my mind on this blog, but I’d like to say the main reason was due to me preparing for the next step in my life, parenthood. I’d like to say it has been an amazing roller coaster so far and my baby girl is just a little over a month old now. She is currently grunting and stretching in her sleep and I find her infinitely amusing and absolutely precious.

In my attempt to keep a blog, I have found that it is hard to write in my own voice when simply writing itself is so foreign to me. Therefore I have started a new project to practice writing. With Horace Dediu’s permission, I have started translating his Asymco articles in Korean. I admire his calm and simple, clear and concise tone of voice and I hope that mimicking his voice will help develop my own.

Since Asymco is updated fairly frequently, I doubt I will have much time to continue this blog. You can follow my writings at


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